Goereferencer for projects done in-house comes with several extra features
that allow you to run projects without public awareness.

Under your control

Your maps can be restricted to public and accessed under login. The work can be delegated to groups of employees or contractors, who are assigning locations to your images. There is always full control over the quality of the created records and performance of the collaborators.

Productivity tools

Full analytics is available for each projects. It is possible to measure time spent on different maps, time for each worker and his/her productivity. This enables effective outsourcing based on performance with quick and precise results.


In specific cases, it is possible to install the Georeferencer locally, so that all functionality is available in the offline mode, without any connection to external network. Ideal for handling of sensitive data such as military maps.

If you are intrested in bussines version, please contact us for more information.