Use of the Georeferencer is completely free of charge for general public

The Georeferencer is a free public web application typically operated in the name of a cultural heritage institution and offered to the general public without any restrictions on access. The institution usually cover the costs of the service for it’s own map collection.

The basic plans (Start and Plus) offer extra features to private researchers and map collectors. We charge for import and export of the maps and for map services running on our servers. The Georeferencer technology is also available for business integration with third-party products.


Free Start Plus Institution Business
Number of maps 1550unlimitedunlimited
Storage 100 MB500 MB5 GBfrom 30 GBfrom 30 GB
Export (World File) 11111
Export (GeoTIFF) 1111
Map service (WMTS) 1111
Image service (IIIF) 1111
Private maps 111
Collaborative editing 11
Public crowdsourcing 1
GeoSearch (maprank) 11
OldMapsOnline optional
Backup of uploaded scans 11
Team work reports 1
Initial setup 3,000 USD 6,000 USD
Price (per month) Free 5 USD 25 USD from 153 USD from 153 USD
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