Georeferencer mapping platform

Complete set of services for scanned maps and aerial photos

“Wow Effect” for your maps

Present your maps in an exciting interactive form to visitors of your websites or exhibitions. All of these visualizations are available for each scanned map you process with Georeferencer.

Compare overlay


Compare two maps


Compare swipe


Compare swipe

Spy glass

Compare grid


3D view

3D view

Match scanned maps to the real world

Adjusting scanned maps to be perfectly consistent with modern coordinate-based maps couldn’t be faster and easier with our state-of-the-art tool.

Georeference tutorials

User-friendly but powerful

Our animated guides help you get started. The web-based solution is even more efficient than traditional desktop software.

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Wide range of functions

Visual or coordinate-based input of reference points, border-clipping, automatic rotation of non-north oriented maps, multiple base-maps, map insets, etc.

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Overlay recalculated instantly

If you see a place or landmark in the wrong location, click on it and choose where it should appear. The map overlay is immediately recalculated.

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Collaborative editing & control

Engage with your online visitors and ask them to help you find the correct location of your scanned maps - or give the task to your colleagues or students.

Discoverability with geographic search

Once your maps have been matched against their geographic locations, your whole map collection suddenly becomes geographically searchable. Searching by location offers a new way of discovery. The traditional fulltext search often fails, because names of places may change or are not present in the catalog description of individual maps.


Geosearch directly for your maps

Together with the Georeferencer, each institution receives a customised geographical search application for their own map collection. This can be integrated into the web or presented to visitors.

OldMapsOnline search engine

Make your maps widely known! The OldMapsOnline is a popular search engine with a huge number of visitors and a prominent position in Google search results. Your maps can be part of these search results, boosting the number of visits and awareness of your map collection. You can prove it with quantitative analytics we provide.

Online research with Compare & Overlay

Work with two or more maps together, stack the maps in a pile, discover nearby maps and bookmark your favourites. Adjust transparency to compare the maps with each other or with the familiar road map bellow.

Study the evolution of a place of your choice across different time periods. Make a visual comparison of the information available on different maps.

Compare grid
Compare share

Share, reuse, integrate and publish

It is extremely easy to share the views of the maps on social networks, and integrate our tools with websites and third party applications. Programmers can use the maps with in their favourite development tools such as Leaflet or OpenLayers and even mobile applications.

Exports for GIS and library catalog

Georeferencer platform fully supports popular standardized protocol and formats. The provided map services are compatible with the Web Map Tile Service (OGC WMTS). High-resolution images are displayed via International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF).

The individual maps can be exported in a form of GeoTIFF files - which are compatible with practically all geographic information systems (GIS). The library catalog records can be enriched with geographic information improving discoverability of the maps - in a form of MARC 034 or Dublin Core DCMI standards.

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