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Invite colleagues or the general public to help your institution add geocoordinates to your digital map collections. Hundreds and thousands of maps can be processed and located within days or weeks. Collected coordinates enrich your existing bibliographic records.


Maps are hosted on reliable hosting with a simple upload mechanism which is provided by Klokan Technologies. We need a spreadsheet with metadata to the maps and catalog records. Read more about requirements at

Enrich metadata in catalog records

Adding coordinates to your maps make geographical searching of maps faster and more precise compared to searching by keywords


There is a fee for initial setup and then a maintenance fee for each year running the service, which is according to the number of maps that you use, please see the pricelist. For any information regarding implementation of Georeferencer for your organization, please contact us.

Before the order, please make sure you are absolutely clear in these two values:

  • Amount of maps (total number)
  • Size of the maps (total in GB)

Institutions using Georeferencer

Over 100.000 images have already been successfully georeferenced in crowdsourcing pilots of our customers. After the maps are processed, they can be added to

Click to explore pilots:

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IOS Regensburg: GeoPortOst